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Steve SalekLuna Sciences Corporation

Steve Salek
Luna Sciences Corporation


Steve Salek is an entrepreneur and the founder of multiple enterprises in Southern California. His entrepreneurial spirit and a B.A. degree from University of Redlands in Business and Marketing have combined to enable Steve to develop businesses in the fields of telecommunications, wireless, fiber deployment, real estate and LED light fixture manufacturing.

As the founder of Luna Sciences Corporation, Steve has developed a unique diffusion technology that has expanded the light disbursement capabilities of the LED light engines for many commercial and residential lighting applications. Luna Sciences has a manufacturing facility in Irvine, California, and a technology and contract manufacturing facility in Gyonggi-Do, S. Korea. Offering state of the art LED illumination through its global partner [WESCO Distribution Inc.], Luna Sciences Corporation is fast becoming a leading provider of commercial and industrial LED light fixtures in North America. Our website is: Steve resides with his wife and daughter in Newport Coast, California.

Steve is not affiliated with, related to or employed by Kovack Securities, Inc. or Kovack Advisors, Inc.