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Intergrity @ Work

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A book written by Ralph G. Adamo called Integrity at Work

There’s no shortage of financial advisors out there. So how do you pick one that’s right for

you? It’s not always a simple answer. That’s one of the primary reasons why I wrote the book,

Integrity @ Work: Finding your Financial True North. Think of it as a roadmap to finding the

right financial advisor and the right advisory firm.


Integrity @ Work explains what it means to have comprehensive advice. I’ve been doing this for

more than 30 years – this book mirrors our firm’s day‐to‐day values – the processes and value

systems that I emphasize and work hard to deliver every day.


Like the pilot says: “If you don’t arrive safe, we don’t arrive safe.” Failure is not an option.

- Ralph Adamo

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Ideal Advisor + Ideal Client = Ideal Relationship
Chapter 2:  FORM and Return on Life
Chapter 3: The WealthTrac FORMula™
Chapter 4: The Power of Collaboration
Chapter 5:  Accumulation, Distribution and Retirement Income
Chapter 6:  Service, Service, Service
Chapter 7:  Client Community
Chapter 8: Roadmap Checklist To Financial True North