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Intergrity @ Work



There’s no shortage of financial advisors out there. So how do you pick one that’s right for

you? It’s not always a simple answer. That’s one of the primary reasons why I wrote the book,

Integrity @ Work: Finding your Financial True North. Think of it as a roadmap to finding the

right financial advisor and the right advisory firm.


Integrity @ Work explains what it means to have comprehensive advice. I’ve been doing this for

more than 30 years – this book mirrors our firm’s day‐to‐day values – the processes and value

systems that I emphasize and work hard to deliver every day.


Like the pilot says: “If you don’t arrive safe, we don’t arrive safe.” Failure is not an option.

- Ralph Adamo

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Ideal Advisor + Ideal Client = Ideal Relationship
Chapter 2:  FORM and Return on Life
Chapter 3: The WealthTrac FORMula™
Chapter 4: The Power of Collaboration
Chapter 5:  Accumulation, Distribution and Retirement Income
Chapter 6:  Service, Service, Service
Chapter 7:  Client Community
Chapter 8: Roadmap Checklist To Financial True North