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Our Exclusive Wealth Management Program: WealthTracFORMula

What sets Integrity Wealth Management apart from the rest? Our WealthTracFORMula  proprietary wealth management program. Created by Integrity Wealth Management especially for its family of clients, WealthTracFORMula integrates numerous financial solution sets to share optimal tax & financial outcomes..

Because no two clients have the same financial profile, Integrity Wealth Management customizes each financial program we develop to each client’s individual objectives and concerns. Working closely with you, we prioritize your goals and develop a comprehensive personal financial life plan that seeks to address your needs now and continues to address the financial health and confidence of future generations.

We believe you cannot make smart financial decisions without a thorough understanding of your current financial situation. We begin with an in-depth evaluation of your complete financial profile, including your financial and investment management, business agreements and benefits, tax planning, liability analysis, insurance management, and legacy planning.

This evaluation will help to determine what areas of your financial world may require attention. With this initial assessment, Integrity Wealth Management will create your personalized strategy and financial life plan. Our goal is to provide appropriate alternatives tying the selected alternatives to a clear implementation agenda and timeline. Lastly, because things change, we will continue to monitor and update your personal WealthTracFORMula in the future.

The WealthTracFORMula process incorporates three critical components required for a powerful program that truly reflects all of your financial interests:


Fully integrated any collaboration among your financial and legal professionals is critical to financial independence. We will coordinate your wealth plan with your attorney, CPA, banker and other professionals necessary to ensure that everyone is "on the same page" with your financial program and working toward the same goal for your best outcome.


We believe our attentive and resolute service will provide the elements for your financial life plan to come together smoothly and on schedule. We work with you and your other advisors to facilitate effective delivery and integration of services across the various professional disciplines to move your plan from thought to finish. 


In life – and in financial matters – the only certainty is change. The WealthTracFORMula process provides the flexibility to adapt to both planned and unplanned changes in your financial profile. We are here to help you keep things on track and progressing forward.