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Featured Interview - Article Spotlight

Featured Interview - Article Spotlight

September 15, 2023

Featured Interview - Article Spotlight

Ralph Adamo - The Ideal Financial Advisor

By Ralph G. Adamo, author of
“Integrity @ Work:
Using the Integrity Process To Find Your Financial True North” 

If financial success is your desired long‐term direction as you progress through life, you must be able to develop a long‐term relationship with your financial advisor. We understand that placing your future in the hands of an advisor is not just a financial commitment but also an emotional one.
It’s important that you are a good fit with your financial advisor, both financially and personally. The advisor/client relationship should have the potential for developing into a close and intimate one over time. After all, you’ll be sharing your hopes, dreams, goals, and challenges, as well as your family’s future, with your advisor.
On a personal level, your advisor should be a good listener and ask many questions about you and your family. Conversations, plans, and processes should all revolve around you – not the firm, not the advisor, and especially not the firm’s revenue. A big part of an advisor’s job is to educate, so you should feel comfortable enough to ask questions throughout the process.
A good policy is to always understand, at least on a basic level, why you’re doing what you’re doing. We have found that informed clients make more confident clients because they understand alternative paths forward when presented with different options for their review and evaluation.

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