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Featured Article - Newport Beach Article Spotlight

Featured Article - Newport Beach Article Spotlight

September 13, 2023
Newport Beach Article Spotlight
Ralph G. Adamo releases financial planning book 'Integrity @ Work'
Ralph G. Adamo, CEO and Founder of Integrity Wealth Management based in Newport Beach, California, today announces the release of his new book “Integrity @ Work: Using the Integrity Process To Find Your Financial True North.” The book, now available for purchase on Amazon, walks readers through building a comprehensive financial plan and the role of a financial advisor in guiding that process.
Adamo is a seasoned financial services professional with nearly four decades of industry experience. He holds Chartered Financial Consultant® and Chartered Life Underwriter® credentials and a Masters of Science in Financial Services from The American College. “Integrity @ Work” is a collection of the knowledge and lessons he has accumulated throughout his career, written for families and individuals striving to gain financial security, prosperity, and peace of mind through financial planning and choosing the proper guidance to help them achieve it....

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