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Article by Ralph G. Adamo featured on ArticleBiz

Article by Ralph G. Adamo featured on ArticleBiz

October 03, 2023
This Financial “FORMula” will help you plan around what matters most
As you progress through life, you will encounter many opportunities, challenges, and events – some you'll have control over – others you will not. Financial planning should be deeply rooted in what matters most to you, which means identifying and leveraging the factors you can control and operating in the space where the two intersect.
FORMula is the model used to do that. The FORM in FORMula is capitalized for a reason, as FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Money) encompasses the most important factors to you.
Successive generations woven together create the tapestry of family. That is why your financial plan should be a wholesome and thoughtful strategy that supports each member of your family at every age. For parents, it’s critical that your children and grandchildren understand where your wealth came from, how you worked to grow it, and what you want it to accomplish for them after you’re gone. It’s not just about passing on valuables that is important in transfer planning; it's about passing on the value systems that have served you well in building your wealth...
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